Close Quarters Tactics 3

This 5-Day Level 3 CQT Course will require an advanced level of proficiency with the foundational elements of the Norse System. Scenarios in this course will require students to deal with threat/non-threat mitigation and control problems. Breaching problems, low light conditions, and other challenges will necessitate students to be proficient both as an individual and effective […]

40-Hour Team Tactics Course

This 5-Day Level 1 Course will provide a comprehensive curriculum for 40-hour training blocks for tactical teams. Built around the Norse Close Quarters Tactics System, the curriculum provides flexibility to the team by allowing a custom format best suited to the team’s training needs. The standard format features the Norse Close Quarters Tactics Curriculum in a 3-day block, along with […]

Patrol Leadership Course

This 2-Day Level 1 Course will instruct the student in the processes in which decisions are made at a patrol or first-line supervisory level. Students will learn about the various roles and responsibilities of those within an agency and how to develop other officers within their assigned platoon/unit. Students will also learn how to develop a planning process […]

Warrant Service Course

This 5-Day Level 1 Course will improve upon critical skills for officers in the capacity of Narcotics, Fugitive Apprehension, Detectives, and Warrant Service Teams. The curriculum features 1-day of firearms training featuring marksmanship principles and fundamentals, weapon manipulation techniques for restrictive environments, and principles of weapons safety within team elements. 4-Hours of Vehicle Interdiction, 4-Hours […]

Vehicle Interdiction

This 1-Day Level 1 Course will focus on interdiction of multiple passenger vehicle platforms. Students will learn proper technique to dismount a vehicle and establish security. The curriculum will feature techniques to approach a stopped vehicle, establish control, extract occupants, and clear the interior. Students will learn critical weapons safety and manipulation techniques for vehicle-based […]

Vehicle Engagements

This 1-Day Level 1 Course will instruct students on techniques and principles of engagements involving vehicles. During live fire exercises, students will learn the effects on trajectory of rounds fired through material barriers. Exercises will feature rounds being fired into and out of vehicles, through windows and various other areas and materials of the vehicle. […]

Tactical Patrol Officer 3

This 3-Day Level 3 Course features 8-hours of live fire training with Pistol and Patrol Rifle platforms to further enhance marksmanship and weapons manipulation. Range work will focus on moving to and from, utilizing, and engaging from positions of cover and concealment. 16-Hours of Close Quarters Tactics training will enable students to mitigate complex clearance […]

Tactical Patrol Officer 2

This 3-Day Level 2 Course builds upon the fundamentals established in TPOC 1. 8-Hours of Live Fire Training introduces techniques for marksmanship and safe weapons handling utilizing the Patrol Rifle. Range work will introduce techniques necessary for effectively employing the Patrol Rifle as the Primary Weapon System along with techniques to maximize efficient transition between […]

Tactical Patrol Officer 1

This 3-Day Level 1 Course is designed specifically for patrol officers who will respond in small elements. The course features 8-Hours of live fire pistol training, and 16-Hours of Close Quarters Clearance techniques focused on two-man entry configuration. Techniques from this class will enhance officer safety during unknown threat structure clearance and any situation which […]

Tactical Leadership Course

This 3-Day Level 1 Course will instruct students on the elements needed to plan and execute SWAT and Special Response operations. Students will learn administrative, operational and post action procedures to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. The curriculum will instruct team leaders and commanders in optimizing their performance in their individual roles and cooperative efforts in […]

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