Tactical Firearms 2

This 1-Day Level 2 Course will expand the officer’s capabilities to effectively mitigate threats in an engagement. The course will focus on maintaining safe weapons manipulation and situational awareness while moving to and from points of cover and concealment. Shooting exercises will utilize Pistol and Rifle platforms and require enhanced proficiency fundamentals of marksmanship. This […]

Tactical Firearms 1

This 1-Day Level 1 Course will fine tune fundamentals of marksmanship on both rifle and pistol platforms. Weapons platform, and equipment setup will ensure that the student’s equipment is functioning properly, and situated for effective weapon manipulation, retention, and transition. Students will be challenged with multiple drills that will reinforce proper shooting techniques, sharpen manipulation […]

Portal Training Day Symposium

Portal Training Day Symposium is a benefit for Norse Training Portal Members. Portal members receive a full 8-hour day of training on subject matter that includes new techniques and enhancements, as well as training subjects that the group wishes to cover. Portal Symposium is a multi-day event that will greatly improve proficiency across a broad range of […]

Low Light Pistol

This 1-Day Level 1 Course will teach students considerations for employingand engaging with a pistol system in low light conditions. Students will learnfeatures and utilization techniques of both handheld and weapon mountedillumination devices. Light discipline and effective employment methods, aswell as safety concerns for low light environments will be presented. Studentswill learn to properly implement […]

Firearms Instructor Development

This 3-Day Level 3 Course will teach existing LE Firearms Instructorsmethods for enhancing efficiency and effectiveness while conducting training.The course will feature procedures for developing and implementingobjectives, schedules, and lesson plans for training iterations. Instructors willparticipate in exercises to standardize procedures and methods forassessment, instruction, and correction of student technique. The course willfeature methods to improve […]

Precision Rifle Sustainment

Norse Precision Rifle Sustainment is the premier method by which a department’s Precision Marksman are able to maintain the highest level of proficiency. This program features 6 available days per year in which a student can attend training to hone and improve the critical skills necessary for operational readiness and enhanced capability. Students will be challenged with […]

Precision Rifle Course 2

This 5-Day Level 2 Course will enhance the student’s capability to supportSWAT operations as a Precision Marksman/Observer. The curriculumfeatures exercises in which students will positively identify and successfullyengage targets through various glass barriers, moving targets, and targets that are intermittently visible. Students will learn the procedures to utilizeresults from these exercises to develop more precise […]

Precision Rifle Course 1

This 5-Day Level 1 Course will instruct students to understand all factorsnecessary for the highest degree of accuracy for a Precision Marksman /Observer. The curriculum features proper set up and maintenance of aprecision weapon system to ensure maximum accuracy.  Students will learn toutilize ballistic results specific to their weapon system to verify actualdata. Upon completion of this […]

Miniature Red Dot Sight

This 2-Day Level 2 Course will introduce students to the specificconsiderations for employing a pistol equipped with a Miniature Red Dot Sight.Students will learn techniques to properly install, maintain, and protect theoptical sight, along with general upkeep methods. The course will presentperipheral equipment considerations including holsters, iron sights, andmaintenance tools. Students will learn the fundamentals […]

Breacher 2

This 1-Day Level 2 Course will instruct students in proper utilization ofmechanical tools for breaching problems in restrictive environments, alternatepositions, and alternate employment techniques. Students will learn to employthe Ram, Sledgehammer, and Halligan within these conditions along withcohesive breach/entry operations and officer safety procedures. Techniquesfor breaching from areas that restrict movement and increase exposure of […]

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