Breacher 1

This 1-Day Level 1 Course will instruct students in the full spectrum ofbreaching operations from approach to completed breach. Techniques forproper selection, retention, transport and employment of the Battering Ram,Sledgehammer, and Halligan Tool will be presented. Kit and weapon retentionconsiderations during breaching operations, as well as safety procedures andadditional equipment will provide advantages for breachers […]

Close Quarters Tactics 2

This 3-Day Level 2 Course will demand proficiency with the fundamentals andprinciples established in the Level 1 Course. Students will encounterincreasingly complex problems and will learn to apply the system to mitigatethem. Scenarios which include hallways with multiple rooms androom configurations that restrict numbers but require additional movement within.This will challenge students to properly process and clear thesespaces. Students will learn to be […]

Close Quarters Tactics 1

The 3-Day Level 1 Course will teach students a principle-based method whichwill enable them to utilize a single comprehensive system for a multitude ofscenarios. Students will learn the fundamentals and principles necessary tosystematically process threats within interior spaces and apply the most effective,and efficient solution. The Norse System improves the capacity to establish andmaintain control during clearance by utilizing superior tactics. * ILEA and […]


This 5-Day Level 2 Course features advanced critical skills for SWAT Officers. Expanding on the Level 1 curriculum, this course requires students to utilize established fundamentals to complete advanced drills and scenarios. * Completion of SWAT 1 is required for enrollment in this course. * ILEA and KLEC Accredited Upcoming Dates: *Tuition varies by location […]


This 5-Day Level 1 Course features a comprehensive 40-Hour training block, focusing on critical skills, that will enhance the capabilities of SWAT officers of all experience levels. It is an excellent platform for new team members to prepare them for SWAT operations and will offer experienced officers the most modern tactics within a standardized system […]

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