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Find Your Course

40-Hour Team Tactics Course

Breacher 1

Breacher 2

Close Quarters Tactics 1

Close Quarters Tactics 2

Close Quarters Tactics 3

Duty Pistol Course

Firearms Instructor Development

High Threat Patrol Operations

Low Light Pistol

Miniature Red Dot Sight

NEXUS T1 Training Days

Patrol Breaching Operations

Patrol Entry Techniques 1: Pistol

Patrol Leadership Course

Precision Rifle Course 1

Precision Rifle Course 2

Precision Rifle Sustainment



Tactical Firearms 1

Tactical Firearms 2

Tactical Leadership Series

Tactical Patrol Officer 1

Tactical Patrol Officer 2

Tactical Patrol Officer 3

Vehicle Engagements

Vehicle Interdiction

Warrant Service Course

Our Story

Norse is the largest and most established training private company in the United States, dedicated to training the men and women who protect our communities and our freedom.

Our mission is to provide the finest training programs available, giving the maximum advantage in high-risk circumstances, to those who put their life on the line for others on a daily basis.

Our Instructors

Our instructors provide a curriculum that centers around the student and is based on real-life law enforcement and military experience.


Call us to go over your training interests, needs, and goals. From there, we will work together to establish a training package right for your team.

Absolutely! If your department wishes to host a training course, call us to go over the details. We will determine pricing and scheduling based on the type of course and location and provide you documentation to distribute for registration.

An Acadis # is your academy # assigned by the Department of Criminal Justice
Training (DOCJT) and is how we submit your hours for KLEC Accreditation.

No. Our training is specifically for ACTIVE-DUTY law enforcement and military personnel only.

Email atriplett@norsetactical about hats and t-shirts.

The Norse Instructor Cadre consists of prior military Special Operations from several branches and experienced law enforcement agents from multiple agencies.

The knowledge base of all instructors is extremely robust, but it is not something to broadcast or share with the public. We are a privatized training company for a reason: the training isn’t about us or getting publicity, it’s about the client and providing the best training possible.

Biographies can be shared verbally with students in a course upon request.

The week prior to the course, student will receive information regarding their instructor, training location and equipment required.

Yes, we offer sustainment training programs for tactical teams, various specialized units, and patrol. During this training, we will focus on your individual goals and tailor the program to meet your training needs within our system.

We also offer an online training retention tool, the Norse Training Portal. The Norse Training Portal delivers training videos directly to students to further increase our retention with our clients.

No, just active-duty law enforcement or military. Credentials are required. We have courses for all skill levels. 100, 200 & 300 Level Courses.

Visit each course page to view pre-requisites.

Still have questions? Email

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